The Vancouver CASP Conference Planning Committee is honoured to host the 2011 Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention Conference – NEW CONVERSATIONS ON SUICIDALITY – on the shores of English Bay in beautiful Vancouver, BC, October 3-5, 2011. Join with people from across the country interested in exploring, expanding and building upon the spectrum of what is known about suicide; prevention, intervention, postvention and research. The intention of this conference is to generate inclusive dialogue and stimulate new conversations on all aspects of suicidality.

We are curious about conversations that explore such matters as:

  • Deepening our understanding of cultural issues related to suicidality including exploration of diverse forms of culture, cultural competence, and cultural safety

  • Innovative approaches to capacity building across the spectrum of care including family-centered approaches, shared care and collaborative practice models, crisis response, community follow-up and after care

  • Spotlighting new and promising practices and strength-based approaches in workplaces, institutions and/or community settings

  • Moving through crisis response and risk reduction helping to build lives worth living

  • Impacts of the CASP Blueprint, various provincial strategies and the work of The Mental Health Commission of Canada on suicide prevention

The deadline to submit abstracts is February 28, 2011. Please visit: for more information.



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