About The Suicide PIP Initiative

Goal Statement

To develop and promote a Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention (PIP) Framework (referring to both evidence informed practice and practice informed evidence), that serves as a planning template for local, regional and provincial initiatives addressing suicide PIP across the lifespan. This document will catalyze the development and evaluation of PIP services and supports as well as integrating and building upon what already exists across BC.


  1. To complete a ‘snapshot survey’ of key informants to gather information on existing suicide PIP services, programs and supports across BC.
  2. To complete evidence informed practice review (including international/national/provincial expertise) of suicide PIP academic and non-academic literature.
  3. To identify suicide PIP priority areas and gaps informed by the snapshot survey and evidence informed practice review.
  4. To incorporate snapshot survey and evidence informed practice review into a Suicide PIP Framework and Planning Template that serve as a planning tool for local, regional and provincial initiatives. The Suicide PIP Framework and Planning Template will consider process and outcomes for groups to develop, implement, improve and evaluate their services, programs or projects.
  5. To create a representative working group of key BC stakeholders who will advise on the development of a Project Charter, Vision and Suicide PIP Framework and Planning Template.
  6. To develop a work plan for the project and secure multiyear funding to support a project manager and the operation of a suicide PIP Steering Committee. (Note: Objective partially achieved by obtaining 18 months of funding) .

Logic Model

This logic model describes that nature of the work that will be undertaken during the 18 months of the Suicide PIP Initiative for BC. The logic model describes that inputs, resources and activities that will lead to the development of the Suicide PIP Framework and Planning Template. Shoter term outcomes, long term outcomes and ultimate outcomes are provided. The outcomes highlight what the Suicide PIP Initiative for BC hopes to achieve once the project is completed. For the Framework, a separate logic model will be developed.

Please click the link below for  the logic model.
Logic model


We gratefully acknowledge funding from the BC Mental Health and Addictions Services (an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority), BC Ministry of Children and Family Development and the Fraser Health Authority.

We also acknowledge support of the BC Ministry of Health, the BC Ministry of Education and the BC Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport.