Stakeholder Engagement

Community Development

  • A Community Development approach is vitally important to the success of the Suicide PIP Initiative for BC.
  • The Community Development approach considers that the power and authority for the uptake of the Suicide PIP Framework and Planning Template (or elements thereof) should remain at the local/regional levels.
  • The model also considers the uniqueness and expertise of stakeholders being critical to the success of the project and the need for a balanced top down AND a bottom up project with input/representation from all key stakeholders.

Stakeholder Workgroups

  • Four levels of stakeholder workgroups are involved in the Suicide PIP Initiative for BC: The Executive Committee, Steering Council, Content Experts, Community Stakeholders.
  1. Executive Committee: Provides strategic provincial direction and guidance to the development of the evidence based provincial framework document
  2. Steering Council: Overseeing the completion of project deliverables including consultation with milestones, and providing advice to planning and process work of developing the document
  3. Content Experts: Provide the project with ongoing, in-depth knowledge of suicide PIP specific to a particular area of expertise and evaluate the evidence base used to formulate the framework.
  4. Community Stakeholders: Persons from across the province who are actively interested in how the Suicide PIP project outcomes can inform the work in their region or practice.

Stakeholder Levels